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You Never Know, What Does Jewelry Mean To Women?
Nov 15, 2018

Jewelry is a favorite of men and women in the world. Men love jewelry, love hard, jewelry into armor, set on the sword, even at the expense of the Jade seal, Gold Crown, Jade Belt and other jewelry into the tomb.

Jewelry is a symbol of men's power and wealth. Women love Jewelry More, love infatuated, whether it is the diamond of the carat, or just a unpretentious silver hairpin, are engraved with a moving story. Or a thrill of love, or the rise and fall of the family.

Jewelry, carrying a woman's feelings, records the love women Get, represents the charm of women. Women love jewelry, because they are beautiful, pure, rare, valuable, in line with the woman's inner yearning for love. What do you use to express your love for a woman? Rhetoric, attentiveness, and booing are also needed, but far less convincing than a valuable piece of jewelry. A love ended, memories of a bleak day, the image is also in the bottom of my heart yellow, only that piece of jewelry, across the time to look, still glittering. That is the story of a woman locked in the bottom of my heart, let the years pass, still as deep and pure as spring water. What do you use to prove a man's love? The vows are far less convincing than a proposed diamond ring.

Proposing is the highest compliment to a woman, and when you put on a diamond ring for her, even if she is an ordinary woman, at that moment, she is the radiant queen. Another plain woman, also inseparable from the jewelry makeup. Beautiful and noble woman in the heart, let jewelry become their own foil, the appearance of beautiful inner vulgar woman, let oneself become the background of jewelry.

Women with connotations and cultivation, jewels and perfect match; the Pale and hollow woman in her heart, even when submerged in pearls, still has no grace. Whether it is Queen Sheba, Cleopatra, or Wu Zetian, Empress Dowager Cixi, no great power, can not transfer women's fascination with jewelry, and then high power, nor can they replace their thirst for love. Even if the jewels piled up, they loved them, and they were sent to them by the men they loved.

In the dark night, they must touch the jewels that symbolize love again and again, happy or sad to experience their daughter's heart, female human feelings. Jewelry can also bring a woman a sense of security, that is the woman's last economic anti-wave wall, the crisis, the secular value of jewelry, to bring women so little.

Jewelry is also a woman's private money, in history, they are generous for the fallen son, for the life of the unfortunate self-redemption, relying on all jewelry. Jewelry is also a woman's love and blessing to their children and grandchildren, the jewelry passed on to her daughters, daughter-in-law, grandchildren ... Sustenance is the woman's endless love and blessing. Jewelry is best served as a gift, received from a man and obtained from an elder.

The woman who buys jewelry for himself, behind the gorgeous and tall, always has such a touch of desolation.

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