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What Is The Three-piece Set Of Wedding Jewelry?
Nov 15, 2018

Getting married is a big deal, and in wedding preparations, wedding jewelry is something we have to buy, and a three-piece set of wedding jewelry is essential. The three-piece set actually refers to the ring, necklace, earrings. Have you found a status quo, you see other friends when the marriage is not also have these three pieces of jewelry, of course, will add other, but these three pieces are necessary, now heard that there are already five pieces set.

So why are these three pieces of jewelry set as wedding jewelry three-piece set? That's because most people pay attention to these three pieces of jewelry when they buy jewelry, and these three types of jewelry will be more favorable when they are purchased together, and the most critical point is that these three kinds of jewelry with each other, will make the bride appear noble, elegant and temperament. Wedding ring: The wedding ring originated in ancient Egypt. The ring is worn on the bride's ring finger, indicating the bride's loyalty and obedience to the bride, while Hyundai is popular for swapping rings at weddings, which are worn on the ring finger. With the meaning of the left hand, heart.

Today, most of the wedding rings are made from diamond rings or platinum rings of both materials.

Wedding earrings: In all jewelry, earrings are on the most obvious and important face in the human body, so the correct selection and wearing of earrings is a very important beauty learning, wearing earrings should focus on earrings with face, skin color, body shape, clothing and use in harmony, in order to achieve the best cosmetic effect. Wedding necklace: Wedding necklace material and ring similar, mainly diamonds, pearls, gems three species mostly, and in the choice of necklace at the same time according to the bride's makeup, wedding dress, face, skin color and so on to make a reasonable match.

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