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The Reason Leather Will Enter The Jewelry Line
Nov 15, 2018

Precious metals such as gold are the material of jewelry and can reflect the wealth and status of the wearer. However, they are not suitable for everyday work and life, and are inconvenient to match many styles of fashion. At the same time, with the development of economy, the concept of jewelry consumption in modern society has also changed, no longer with the preservation of jewelry materials, value-added as the main purpose, but to emphasize whether jewelry has a fashion beauty, can show the unique aesthetic taste of individuals, at the same time can be easy to wear, suitable for collocation. In the context of such times, modern jewelry materials are no longer limited to valuable materials. Ceramics, plastics, wood, glass, and even paper can be used as jewelry materials, in many jewelry design competitions will also be the breakthrough use of new materials as a design requirements of the-~.

Leather, as a kind of material with strong aesthetic characteristics, good processability and price advantage, will become one of the ideal choices for modern jewelry materials.

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