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The Principle Of Matching Jewelry
Nov 15, 2018

When preparing to wear jewelry, you should first consider and the next few aspects:

1) To consider the overall effect

In general, it is best not to have more than three pieces of jewelry throughout the body, unless you attend a banquet.

2) Embellishment decoration should be good at flexible and changeable

Flexible to immutable, the choice of embellishment decorations can be in harmony with a variety of clothing styles, improve the applicable functions of ornaments.

3) Pay attention to its own characteristics

Jewelry wearing should pay attention to take care of the body's own factors, to be in harmony with the person's body hairstyle, face, skin color and clothing, if not sure what kind of jewelry it is suitable for wearing, you can go to the jewelry cloud shopping first take home experience, found that it is not appropriate to change at any time, until appropriate.

4) Pay attention to different occasions Wear jewelry, should be in the environment, the occasion of the appropriate.

Different occasions for jewelry texture, style, form requirements are different, so should take a different reasonable way to wear.

5) Pay attention to the seasonality of wearing jewelry

Generally, due to the different seasons, the texture of the ornaments, color, form and wear trade-off requirements are also different.

6) Pay attention to traditional habits Wear jewelry to pay attention to all over the customs, traditional ideas.

People in different regions have different preferences for the texture and color of jewelry.

7) Don't be more and more miscellaneous

Wear earrings, it is best not to wear a brooch or bracelet, because this match is more dull, on the same color series of necklaces or rings is most suitable.

8) Best Purchase Package

In the case of financial permission, when buying a necklace, it is best to buy the same color system or earrings and bracelets of the same texture at the same time, in order to match the use of

9) Pay attention to the overall coordination and collocation There are many kinds and forms of wearing jewelry, in a large number of ornaments and wear, not only to consider their people, their environment, but also to consider the overall effect, we should pay attention to the relationship between a variety of factors.

Coordinated collocation, appropriate embellishment, in order to play the effect of wearing jewelry.

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