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Precautions For Accessories
Nov 15, 2018

Pure gold and other metals play a chemical role: pure gold jewelry easy with silverware, mercury (Mercury), lead, aluminum and other metals and lead, mercury elements of chemicals chemical changes, and to avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume, vinegar, fruit juice, bleach, correction fluid, etc., so that pure gold jewelry appear white dots, but after the fire swung white dots will disappear,

Therefore, when wearing to avoid contact with the above metal.

General metal corrosion Problems: We live in the environment of carbon disulfide industrial waste, or other corrosive chemicals such as phosphate, these pollutants will directly erode the gold alloy, so that pure gold jewelry appear small black spots, even if the collection of jewelry will inevitably be eroded, in this case simply return the jewelry to the sea and the gold shop to clean up can be.

Avoid wearing precious metal ornaments for housework or heavy work, the body's sweat will erode precious metal jewelry, all summer wearing precious metal jewelry is best cleaned with water every day.

Platinum Jewelry and gold jewelry can not be worn to the same hand, platinum hardness is higher than gold, will scratch gold and contamination with each other is not easy to clean.

Process complex precious metal jewelry, once damaged, difficult to repair, and difficult to restore the original, so we must be careful to treat, especially some snake bone chain, hard chain, starry sky, etc., broken can not be restored, must not pull, stretch, shower, sleep to avoid wearing. Jewelry that is often worn should be checked every six months.

To check the degree of wear or claw is loose phenomenon, the specific method with toothpicks on the stone surface slightly push, if feel the diamond in the claw move, it will have to take back to the sea and the gold shop tightening.

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