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Material Matching Of Leather In Modern Jewelry Design
Nov 15, 2018

Usually, the use of jewelry design materials have a certain degree of attention, such as: synthetic metal with glass, silver with crystal, platinum with diamonds. According to this law, it is easy to match leather with medium and low grade gems, or silver. However, with the development of the economy, people's ideas are constantly changing, the value attributes of the material itself will gradually be diluted, unique design is the key. Therefore, whether the leather inlaid with high-grade gems or gold and other precious metals, or the leather as a mosaic inlaid on precious metals is not absurd, as long as the use of appropriate, is a successful design. In some gold jewelry design competitions, designers combine leather with gold to reflect a unique aesthetic.

In the design of leather jewelry, you can use leather carving, knitting, mosaic, hanging and other decorative processes, cleverly combine leather with a variety of materials, so that seemingly irrelevant materials collide with dazzling sparks.

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