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Jewelry On The Wedding Day Is A Very Important Match.
Nov 15, 2018

1. Don't overdo it Pick the first commandment of your wedding jewelry: don't go. No matter how tempting the ornaments and jewels you are, you don't want to risk exposing your accessories to your head.

Keep "Less is more" as your mantra, sticking to a few key parts, rather than making every part of the body.

2. Match your metal to your clothes. Can't decide silver and gold jewelry?

Let the color of your dress guide your choice.

If your robe is white: this bright hue looks the most beautiful is platinum or silver.

If your dress is ivory: gold jewelry will best enhance this creamy tint. If your robe is champagne: gold jewelry will complement this very shallow beige warm hue.

If you put the appearance of antique style together, the silver polished with water drilling is also very good. If your robe is blush: try Rose gold.

The pink casting on the metal will fit with the soft pink of the garment.

3. Consider the neckline of your clothes. The work of your dress will play a role in composing your face.

Help it do its job by choosing jewelry that is perfectly paired with it. If your clothes have a sweetheart or strapless neckline: to create height and direct all eyes for your smile, consider wearing a Cho or shorter necklace. This style is reviving and looks like an eternal neckline. Another option: Skip the necklace and wear the declared chandelier earrings. Put your hair from your face and add some flowers, ' 20 's inspired feather jacket or another simple embellishment, with your look.

When your show is in the spotlight, you will need your outstanding work, but please do not hesitate to add a smaller bracelet, bracelet or cocktail ring to balance everything. If your clothes have a V-neck: This style is designed for decoration. Choose a necklace or pendant, or try to stratify if they are subtle fragments.

Pair the necklace with the earrings, which may be small or suspended-no matter which one is best for your hairstyle. If your clothes have a sling or inverted vest: place your hair on your hair by decorating it with pins, combs or Fujiko. These can be smooth, gem or floral, depending on the effect you want. For a retro atmosphere? Try a gorgeous decorative birdcage veil.

If you need something extra, wear a bracelet or cocktail ring.

4. Don't drown. If it's harder to decide that your jewelry seems more difficult than looking for a dress, focus on the search. Find the one you absolutely like, want to invest, and put it on. Do you have any questions? Simple pearls or diamond nails (clothing or other) are always classic. Just make sure you don't buy them as part of a set.

Although the jewelry kit used to be a go, the modern bride avoids accessories that look too matched.

5. Be yourself Choosing the most important thing that works best for your wedding dress should be your reflection. If you're not comfortable wearing a big chandelier earring, stick with the stud. Do you like your necklace in a necklace? Go ahead!

If you are satisfied with all the accessories, you will feel confident that this is the best accessory for all accessories.

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