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Eight Principles You Have To Know About Jewelry Matching
Nov 15, 2018

About Jewelry collocation, a lot of people disdain, like how to match how to match, in fact, to the jewelry wearing effect to the extreme, etiquette in these 8 jewelry collocation rules, you must know!

1. A small number is preferred 

The rule in quantity when wearing jewelry is to be less good. If you are interested in wearing a variety of jewelry at the same time, the upper limit is generally three, that is, should not be more than three species in the total.

In addition to earrings, bracelets, it is best not to use the same kind of jewelry worn more than one, only the bride can be the exception.

2. Color strive for the same color 

The rule of color when wearing jewelry is to try to be the same color. If you wear two pieces or more of jewelry at the same time, it should be the same color. When wearing inlaid jewelry, the main hue should be kept in line.

Never wear a few colorful jewelry.

3. Texture compliance with homogeneity 

When wearing jewelry, the rule on texture is to strive for homogeneity. If you wear two pieces or more than two pieces of jewelry at the same time, you should make them the same texture. When wearing inlaid jewelry, it should be inlaid with the same material, the bracket should also strive for consistency.

The advantage is that it makes it appear to be generally coherent.

In addition, it is important to note that high-grade jewelry, more suitable for grand social occasions, such as dinners, weddings, but not suitable for work, leisure when wearing ha ~

4. Compliance with the rules of identity 

When wearing jewelry, the rule of identity is to bring it into line with identity.

When choosing to wear jewelry, we should not only take care of personal hobbies, but also make them subordinate to my identity, to maintain a general agreement with their gender, age, occupation, work environment, it is not appropriate to make it far apart.

5 Jewelry to the body and the advantages and disadvantages 

When wearing jewelry, the rule of body shape is to make jewelry for their own size and the advantages and disadvantages.

When choosing jewelry, we should fully face up to their own physical characteristics, and strive to make jewelry wear for their own advantages and disadvantages.

6 matches the season 

When wearing jewelry, the seasonal rule is that the jewelry you wear should match the season. Generally speaking, the seasons are different and the jewelry you wear should be different.

Gold and dark jewelry is suitable for cold season wear, silver, color jewelry.

7 Coordination with Apparel 

When wearing jewelry, the rules of collocation are to try to coordinate the costumes. Wearing jewelry should be regarded as a link in the garment as a whole.

To take into account the texture, color, style of clothing worn at the same time, and strive to make it in collocation, style to match each other.

8 Compliance with local customs 

When wearing jewelry, the customary rule is to obey customs. Different regions, different ethnic groups, the practice of wearing jewelry is much different. To this one is to understand, the second is to respect.

Wear jewelry does not talk about custom, million is not feasible.

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