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Development Prospect Of Leather Jewelry
Nov 15, 2018

At present, the current situation of leather jewelry consumption in China is mostly limited to the combination of metal pendant low-grade leather rope bracelet, and foreign leather jewelry positioning is broader, jewelry of various types such as necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings and so on, in the collocation of materials such as wire ropes, artificial gemstones, natural gemstones, synthetic metals, precious metals, plastics,

Glass and so on can be freely combined, unrestricted, in terms of price, the cost of materials is only a secondary factor determining the price of jewelry, the key factor is the design content of jewelry. Combining the development of foreign leather jewelry with the current situation of domestic consumption, we can determine the consumption orientation of different leather jewelry according to the different kinds of leather, the style of design and different decorative techniques. Cowhide and other leather through simple decorative technology and general metal accessories combined jewelry can be positioned as 15~25岁 personality youth, the use of snake skin and other rare leather combination of precious metals, jewelry and jade design can be positioned for the 25 years old and above the white-collar, in addition, relative to the dazzling metal jewelry,

Jewelry designed with the implicit texture of leather is ideal for men's jewelry design.

In short, leather is a kind of jewelry material which has both individuality and strong design applicability, with the continuous efforts of jewelry designers and people's re-understanding of leather jewelry design, leather jewelry will become an important part of the jewelry category.

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