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History of the Bracelet
Nov 15, 2018

In the late era of the old age, the fact that humans wore decorations has been confirmed by many Chinese and foreign unearthed objects. In the unearthed Uvelendorf of Venus round carving naked female, in the same as its plump chest, buttocks disproportionate to the small wrist, engraved with a type of bracelet decorations.

In the bone carving figure unearthed in Isturiz, there are also engraved decorations similar to bracelets. In the physical objects unearthed in Mai-jin, Ukraine, beautiful bracelets with decorative patterns engraved with mammoth ivory are useful.

In the physical objects unearthed on the Riviera coast of Grimadi, in addition to bracelets made from fish vertebrae, bracelets made of shells, oyster shells, animal teeth and so on are also used. At the Banpo site, which is about 6,000 years ago, in the Neolithic ruins of Xixia, Qufu, Shandong Province, archaeologists have discovered the bracelet ring used by ancient ancestors such as Tau and Shi to decorate their wrists. From the unearthed bracelet physical point of view, there are animal bones, teeth, stones, pottery and so on.

The bracelet is shaped in a circular tubular, annular shape, and has two semicircular rings combined with 20%.

Neolithic bracelets have a certain decorative nature, not only the surface grinding smooth, but also some of the bracelet surface engraved with some simple patterns. Shang Zhou to the Warring States Period, bracelet materials used more jade. Whether it is bracelet shape or jade color, are particularly rich.

In addition to jade, metal bracelets have appeared during this period. After the Western Han Dynasty, due to the influence of Western culture and customs, wearing arm ring wind prevails, arm ring style is many, there is free telescopic type, this arm ring can adjust the size of the ring according to the thickness of the arm. Song People Shen Kuo in "Dream Brook Pen Talk" wrote:  "Jinling people six Dynasties mausoleum, get Jade Arm, work MoU ghost ". There is also a called  "jump off " arm ring, such as spring shape, disk into a circle, less three laps, more than more than 10 laps, the two ends with gold and silver wire into a ring set, used to adjust the tightness.

This  "jump-off " arm ring can be worn on the arm or on the wrist. Sui and Tang dynasties to the Song Dynasty, women with bracelets decorative arms has been very common, called must arm Kushiro. The "Yan Liben map" of the first Tang painter, Zhou Yi's "Hairpin flower lady's picture", all clearly depict the image of the woman wearing the arm Kushiro the hand. This is not limited to the court aristocracy, the civilian population is also very enthusiastic. According to historical records, Tri Guanguan soldiers to fight the chapter, the soldiers everywhere looting, see women, cut off arms, take arm Kushiro.

It can be seen that the women at that time Tai not a minority. After the Tang and Song dynasties, the materials and production process of bracelets have been highly developed, with gold and silver bracelets, jade bracelets, inlaid bracelets and so on.

The shape has the ring type, the bead type, the winch type, the braid type, the bamboo type and so on. In the Ming and Qing dynasties and even the Republic of China, gold inlaid with gems of bracelets prevailed.

In the style of jewelry modeling, craft production has a great development. Although the bracelet is considered as an arm decoration, is one of the earliest germination of a hazy sense of beauty, but there are many scientists believe that the initial appearance of the bracelet is not entirely from the love of beauty, but with totem worship, witchcraft etiquette related. At the same time, there are historians who believe that because men occupy an absolute dominance in economic life, so that rings, bracelets and other ornaments have a metaphor to tie women, do not let them escape the barbarian custom. This metaphorical nature has been around for quite some time.

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