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Basic definition of Jewelry
Nov 15, 2018

1. Early definition: In earlier times, jewelry was worn on the head holding ornaments.In the old days, China also called jewelry ' strategists ', such as combing, chai, crown and so on. 

2. Modern definition: Also known as narrow jewelry, refers to the use of a variety of metal materials or precious jade material, and clothing matching decorative jewelry. Because jewelry mostly uses rare precious metals and jewelry, it is of higher value. And modern refers to the costumes are mostly weaving, in addition to the use of a variety of low-value materials.This is a clear difference from jewelry. 

3. Broad definition: Refers to the use of a variety of metal materials, jade materials, organic materials and replicas made of decorative human body and its related environment decorations. It can be seen that the broad jewelry has included jewelry, accessories, decorations part of the range, or three towards one, which is the development direction of the jewelry industry today. With the acceleration of social rhythm, new materials and concepts continue to enter, so that the line of jewelry more and more blurred.

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