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925 method of identification of silver
Nov 15, 2018

Many women who love beauty have to choose jewelry as a dress embellishment. Silver jewelry Because of the color of silver, variety of shapes and by many consumers like.

How should I identify the purchase of silver jewelry? First, look at the color. The higher the purity of silver jewelry, the whiter the silver, the surface looks even shiny, there is polishing.

If it contains lead, the jewelry will appear turquoise, if copper is included, the surface of the jewelry will appear rough, the color does not feel moist. Second, weigh the weight. Silver density is slightly larger than the general common metal, aluminum light, silver weight, copper is not light and not heavy. Therefore, weighing the weight can make a preliminary judgment as to whether it is silver.

If the jewelry volume is large and the weight is lighter, it can be preliminarily judged that the jewelry belongs to other metals. Again, check the hardness.

Silver hardness is lower than copper, and more lead, tin, can be used pins to draw jewelry unremarkable place to test, such as needle skidding, the surface is difficult to leave traces, it can be judged as copper jewelry, such as lead, tin texture, the traces are obvious, prominent, such as the physical left traces and less obvious, can be initially judged as silver jewelry. Finally, listen to phonological. Sterling silver Jewelry loud, no elasticity.

The lower the color, the lower the sound, and the more pointed and higher the sound, with rhyme, if it is copper, its sound is higher and pointed, the rhyme is fast and short, if it is lead, tin texture, the sound of throwing dull, short, no elasticity. In addition, the silver content of silver jewelry must be accurately marked, consumers when purchasing to see if the jewelry has "s925" or "925" words. "S" is the first letter of the English word silver, and "925" is the symbol of sterling silver. As long as there is a "s925" to ensure that the purchase is real sterling silver jewelry. The purchase should also pay special attention to whether its fasteners can be fastened and secure. When purchasing a silver chain, flatten it to see if the chain is knotted or bent. (here 925 refers to the 92.5% content of the standard silver, there are 7.5% of the content of the alloy, because sterling silver physical characteristics are not suitable for jewelry, sterling Silver is basically not used to do jewelry, do jewelry generally use electroplating method, jewelry can be long-term preservation)

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