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Pyramid Cuff Leather Bracelet

Design style: A bracelet in the shape of a pyramid.

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Product description

Design style: A bracelet in the shape of a pyramid.

The shape of the pyramid: The pyramid, which has a history of 4,500 years, is called the "pyramid" because of its resemblance to the word "gold" in Chinese characters.It is large in scale, precise in structure, solid except for tomb and passageway, and fixed at a cone Angle.The pyramid stood intact through many earthquakes.It is honored as the tallest ancient building today and the top of eight wonders of the world.

In front of the pyramid was a sphinx, a figure of the old king's fourth king, havela, the son of the pharaoh khufu.Except for the lion's claws, which are made of stone, the entire sphinx is carved out of a large natural rock.He had a nose injury, although it was blasted by napoleon's soldiers during the war.Sphinx symbolizes the supremacy of the pharaohs.


1.Cuff Bangle Type:Stainless Steel Bangle.

2.Material: Stainless Steel+PU Leather.

3.Gender: All Women.

4.Size: About 14mm/15.5g, 25mm/22.5g ,40mm/35g.

5.Design: DIY Jewelry.

6.Occasion: Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Party, Valentine's Day Gift.


Reversible Interchangeable PU Leather, A unique creativity,One bangle.
We are committed to producing high-quality items with glamorous, elaborate and imaginative designs.

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