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Honeycomb Stainless Steel Bracelet

Design style: A bracelet made from a bee nest.

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Product description

Design style: A bracelet made from a bee nest.

The shape of the honeycomb: "Fengchao" is the English word for "Comb".A hive that lives and reproduces its young consists of a nest spleen.Each nest spleen is hung in parallel in the space inside the nest and perpendicular to the ground. The distance between the nest spleen is 7 ~ 10 mm, which is called the bee path.Each nest spleen is made up of thousands of cells connected together, which are constructed by worker bees with beeswax secreted by their own wax glands.Large and small hexagonal nests are respectively for breeding drones and worker bees, with 3 rhombic faces on the underside.The nests used to grow queen bees, called the throne, look like drooping peanuts, which are built temporarily by the hive before the separation, mostly on the lower part of the nest spleen and on the corners.There is an irregular transitional nest between the drone house and the worker's nest, and between the nest spleen and the nest box, for storing honey and strengthening the nest spleen.


1.Cuff Bangle Type:Stainless Steel Bangle.

2.Material: Stainless Steel+PU Leather.

3.Gender: All Women.

4.Size: About 14mm/15.5g, 25mm/22.5g ,40mm/35g.

5.Design: DIY Jewelry.

6.Occasion: Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Party, Valentine's Day Gift.


Reversible Interchangeable PU Leather, A unique creativity,One bangle.

We are committed to producing high-quality items with glamorous, elaborate and imaginative designs.

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