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Colorful Geometry Of The Hollow Rings

Colorful Geometry Of The Hollow Rings

Style:Garnish with a ball ring

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Cremo Jewerly

--------3D copper ring-------

Jewelry styles from all over the world:

Chinese art design concept: 

historical inheritance, auspicious beauty, naturalism

Chinese people always have the tradition of advocating auspiciousness. Therefore, jewelry design has a favorable impression on traditional auspicious animals such as dragon, phoenix, butterfly, swallow and koi, or auspicious Numbers such as "8", "6" and "9".In addition, since ancient times, Chinese people believe that the more exquisite and sophisticated jewelry is, the more precious it is. Therefore, Chinese jewelry design tends to be more complex.

French art design concept: 

luxurious court, classical elements

France has a long history of cultural accumulation, the sense of the court is full, luxurious, elegant style is favored, and large particles of diamonds and gems are very popular in France.Those classical, full of artistic atmosphere jewelry can also reflect the French classical romantic feelings.

Spanish art design concept: 

romance and passion

Spanish jewelry design has always been adhering to the unique qualities of Spain: passion, vitality, nature, joy of life, each piece of jewelry by exquisite jewelry craftsmen through forging, sandblasting and other processes purely handmade Italian art design concept.

Hand first, geometric shape

Italy advocates a kind of natural beauty of the unity of heaven and man and the integration of nature. Therefore, jewelry works full of handwork and roundness are welcomed by italians because they can bring people a simple and honest look.At the same time, Italy also emphasizes the geometric sense of jewelry, square, circle, column and other forms reflect the relationship with the ancient Italian architecture.

American art design concept

Abstract avant-garde pluralistic expression

Neutral, multiple design themes, full of abstract sense

American jewelry design also shows the trend of diversified and eclectic design themes.Americans prefer direct, simple, but no lack of interesting life logic, therefore, in jewelry design, those creative, pioneer, simple, neutral design is popular.

Swiss art design concept

Luxury beyond the surface

Pay attention to the inherent quality of design

Swiss people are good at rigorous seiseido skills. Swiss designers believe that luxury is not on the surface, but needs the display of real quality. They need technicians to work day and night to reflect all seiseido skills in art works.

Japanese art design concept

Layered, "multi-detail" presentation

Japanese jewelry design has a lot of flowers, flowers, fish and insect themes.In addition, Japanese women highly praise gentle and delicate jewelry. Therefore, Japanese advanced jewelry design can combine the current popular trend and pay attention to the expression of details in the manuscript design process.

Indian art design concept

Classical gorgeous complex exaggeration

Indian jewelry is based on an entire collection.Every festival celebration, Indian women will be decorated with a complete set of jewelry jingle when walking, no less than a dozen kinds of various jewelry carrying different auspicious meaning carry shaking, and the eyebrow of a little red hand in hand reflect each other, forming a unique Indian tradition.Indian jewelry has the most extravagant designs.Thus the achievement of Indian jewelry luxury magnificent momentum.

Product attribute:

1.Brand   Name: Cremo

2. Gender:   Unisex

3.Style: Trend

4.Shape:   Flower

5.Color:   Gold

6.Size: 6 7 8 9

7.Name:   Wedding Jewerly

8.Occasion:Party   Engagrment Outdoors

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