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Pure Silver Lucky 3D Scale Ring

Pure Silver Lucky 3D Scale Ring

Wearing it can make you beautiful and lucky.

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---------------3D silver ring---------------

 Story about luck:

He started his own business at 12. He became a millionaire at 14.This legendary man is America's youngest millionaire, the famous "business wunderkind" -- ferrah gray.In just eight years, he has achieved what many people cannot achieve in their whole life.

For as long as he could remember, little gray felt as if his single mother had never rested.When he slept, his mother was still awake;When he woke up, his mother had already got up.As time went by, little gray really felt the difficulty of survival.Later, his mother suffered a heart attack because of overwork. Little gray said to his mother, "I must do something to help you!"

But it's easier said than done. A six-year-old who can't carry on his shoulders or lift his hands, what can he do to help?What's more, child labor in the United States is severely sanctioned by law.Gray didn't lose heart after he hit the wall everywhere. He was sure that nothing was difficult and that he could think of a way to help his mother.Since ask others not to be able to, as self-reliance.Can where just have the door way that suits him to make money?He observes and thinks every day, always looking for inspiration.

Finally one day, he found the "new world" -- his street is full of smooth stones, if these stones into a treasure, is not money rolling in?How do you do that?After careful consideration, he chose some beautiful stones and painted them with beautiful colors, wrote words of blessing or drew auspicious patterns according to the local customs. Then he went door to door to sell his "products".

At every house he knocked loudly and shook hands with adults generously.Then make a solid pitch: would you like to buy this "lucky stone"?Although cheap, but the role is not small, it can be used as a paperweight, pressure book or door foot clip.People would often ask him, "aren't these the little stones in the street?Blinking his eyes, little gray made no secret of his explanation. "yes, but don't you see that he doesn't look the way he used to lie on the street?"People look at the front of these stones, suddenly feel really cute, admire the little clever ghost at the same time, but also willing to buy his "lucky stone".

At the age of eight, gray founded his own business association, the urban neighborhood economic enterprise association, a community organization that encourages young people to start businesses and whose members are mostly children from poor families.Gray managed to get donations from some local businessmen to pay for transportation and renting conference space so that poor children could get together and learn about business.

With the money raised, gray and his small chamber of commerce began promoting their business, which included selling cookies and gift CARDS.In a way, this was his first lesson in how to start a business.

A few years later, gray's entrepreneurial career caught the attention of the local media and he was offered a broadcasting job as a host on "backstage live", a talk show on local television.Gray was only twelve years old, but he could talk in front of the audience without humor.As his fame grew, he began to receive bookings for speeches that cost thousands of dollars each.

After accumulating enough capital and marketing experience, gray started his own food company.He made his own syrup from a stove, poured it into a bottle, sent it to a packager, and tried to get someone familiar with the business to guide him.With the food company and other assets, Mr. Gray, 14 years old, has officially become a millionaire, making him a legend in American business.

At the age of 20, gray wrote a book based on his entrepreneurial experience.SONY pictures entertainment called gray after learning of his story, hoping to invest in a movie about him.

Gray went from being a penniless kid to being America's youngest millionaire because he had an eye for small business opportunities that no one else would notice.In fact, the careful observation of small things is the secret of success in career, art, science and life. As long as you think carefully and feel small things carefully, everyone can find their own "lucky stone".




2.Material:925 sterling silver

3.Gender: For all people


5.Occasion: Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Party, Valentine's Day Gift.

Note: We are committed to producing high-quality items with   glamorous, elaborate and imaginative designs.      

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FAQ:Can You Do Custom Desings?

 A:Yes,Custimized desings are welcome and pls let me know your designs.

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