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Popular Labyrinth Sterling Silver Ring

Popular Labyrinth Sterling Silver Ring

Style:A ring designed from a maze.

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---------------3D sliver ring---------------

The short appreciate:

1.A single maze:

A single maze is a maze with only one way to go.

The world's largest plant maze

The world's largest plant maze

For a single maze, there is a universal solution, that is, walk along a wall.While walking, the left (right) hand keeps touching the left (right) side of the wall, which may take the longest, and may lead you through every corner of the maze and every dead-end road, but the player will never be stuck in it forever.

2.The complex maze:

A complex maze is one in which there are many ways to walk.Because there are many ways to go, there must be some places in the complex maze that can go back to the origin without turning back. This passage that can go back to the origin shows a closed loop in the maze. With this loop as the boundary, the maze can be divided into several parts.Therefore, complex mazes are essentially composed of several single mazes.

For complex mazes, the above "universal" solution may not be applicable, as long as the starting point and the ending point are in the same part of the complex maze.Although there are many ways to navigate a complex maze, it is likely to be more complex, because in a maze, going around in circles is worse than going into a dead end.

Product information:



2.Material:925 Sterling Sliver

3.Gender: For all people


5.Occasion: Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Party,     Valentine's Day Gift.

Note: We are committed to producing high-quality items with   glamorous, elaborate and imaginative designs.      

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