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Fish Scale Hollowed Out Sliver Ring

Fish Scale Hollowed Out Sliver Ring

Style:A product developed from the coat of a fish

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---------------3D slivier ring---------------

The composition of fish scales:

The composition of scales by Raman spectra analysis, according to the results of the scales is composed of hydroxyapatite and collagen type I, outer hydroxyapatite volume fraction of 30%, and the inner layer of hydroxyapatite volume fraction is only 6%. The Fourier - infrared spectrum analysis results show that the scales contain Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ type and type I collagen amino acid, and its absorption peak is very strong, in addition also contains phosphate groups and carbonic acid anions, confirming the scales is consists of two kinds of material, organic and inorganic components.Scales for the derivatives of dermal tissue, though most are composed of organic compounds, organic ingredients but after fine combination, become a plate-like, and at a certain point of view, has a certain orientation, combined with the structure of the inorganic components, make the fish scales with special layer structure, the composition of this structure in the field of bionic will have great significance.Hydroxyapatite in the inner layer of fish scales forms a strengthening system in the form of particle enhancement, which not only makes fish scales have better toughness, but also has better strength. The special ratio of this component forms a unique structure, and points out a new direction for the preparation of bionic composite materials.

Product information:


1.Pattern:Fish scales

2.Material:925 sterling sliver

3.Gender: For all people


5.Occasion: Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Party,     Valentine's Day Gift.

Note: We are committed to producing high-quality items with   glamorous, elaborate and imaginative designs.      

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