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Luxury Diamond Palace Ring

Luxury Diamond Palace Ring

Additional kind aesthetic feeling adds the modification that gets a bit, foil shoal feeling.

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---------------3D copper ring-------

Understated luxury:

Walking aimlessly in the silent street, there is no end, accompanied by me forever only the boundless darkness.

The dim light of the roadside, through the crisscrossing leaves, divided my shadow into countless irregular mottled shadows.

I am waiting under the tree for the friendship that can illuminate my life. Friendship is two figures under an umbrella and two pairs of eyes on a table.Friendship is like a gentle harbor quietly soothing tired sailboat;Friendship is crossing the sea of people, mutual eyes of each other's tacit understanding, is the fate of an unexpected encounter.

Arab legend has two friends travelling in the desert, they quarreled, at some point in the journey to a man hit another slap. Was beaten humiliated, without speaking, he wrote in the sand "today my best friend hit me a slap". They walked on, know lies. They decided to stop and be slapped the nearly drowned, but luckily the will he rescued. After rescued, he took a small sword in the stone carved an "today my best friend saved my life". One side of the friends curious ask: "why I hit you, you should write in the sand, and now, to be engraved on the stone?"He replied with a smile: "when you are hurt by a friend, write it down in a forgetful place. The wind will take care of it.On the contrary, if we are helped, we should engrave it in our hearts, where nothing can change it.Remember those who sincerely help you, you will find that friendship is a valuable thing.

This story makes me think deeply: an ordinary friend has never seen me cry, a true friend has two shoulders to lean on;A simple friend comes to you to talk about your problems, a real friend comes to you to solve your problems;A simple friend expects you to be with him forever, a true friend expects him to be with you forever.

When I was a child, friendship is a box of watercolor pen, with childish hand graffiti a piece of colorful innocent smile, grew up, friendship is a piece of transparent glass, illuminate the failure of the lonely heart.

Have a good friend always sunny day, a day of good friend just find yourself have it all. We can lose a lot of, but can't afford to lose a true friend. Friends may not be eternal, more perhaps she is just a traveler in your life, but he is to make your life beautiful, even can't forever and why?

In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends and form friendship, which is like the dew in summer and the sun in winter.

I am still waiting under the tree, waiting for the friendship that belongs to me..

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3.Gender: For all people


5.Occasion: Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Party,     Valentine's Day Gift.

Note: We are committed to producing high-quality items with   glamorous, elaborate and imaginative designs.      

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